Caricature Transformation

Architect kaleab matiwos.

designer – kaleab matiwos

caricature arts are very funny and attractive specially when peoples saw their own image/photo transformed in to such caricature…in our country such art works are not practiced that much. but in western countries, they used in magazines, in Galleries, in adverts, in schools and many other places. if we can adopt this kind of art by mixing with our culture, we hope that we can create a positive influence to our society.


Ethiopia is on the way of development and unity. this art work is made by inspiration of current situation of Ethiopia and prime minister doctor Abiy Ahmed’s unique word of “መደመር” . in these art piece we can observe unity, cultural integrity, collaboration and diversity all in one creative art.This art work is suitable to placed or showcased at different focal points of the room and it is compatible for different programs, events, meetings and panel discussions focused on different issues in Ethiopia.even if the price of this art work is not fixed we provided up to 30% commission. for more information +251910969332 

Personal Profile

Name         – Kaleab matiwos

profession – architect, graphic designer, advertiser and event manager/organizer.

Higher Education

Dire Dawa University – Bachelor Degree in Architecture

British council Ethiopia – Certificate in Event Management

Family Language School-Certificate in English Communication Skill

Dire Dawa University – French Language Training Course


Podia Consulting Engineers and Architects, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Tollen Consulting Engineers and Architects, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Competitions and Achievements

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) Logo design Competition – 1st Prize Winner

Lapasion Fast Food S.O.L. Addis Ababa logo design Competition – Winner

Bachelor Degree in Architecture From Dire dawa university

Certificate in Event Organizing and Management from British  council, creative futures program

Modern/Contemporary Lighting Fixture Design Competition – Winner

Dire Dawa development association logo design competition – 1st prize winner

professional Skills /software’s 

Photoshop  95%                        AutoCAD   74%                  After effect    75%        Revit   70%                                 Sketchup    60%

Illustrator   65%                        Lumion     85%                   Archicad        85%      MS Office    85%

professional Skills /Expertise 

.Graphic design           .Landscape design         .Problem solving         .Hard Working     .Event/Program Organizing      .Trust worthy

personal contact information

Location      Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


phone no.   +251910969332  or   +251949843400

WhatsApp   +251910969332

p.o box          579

postal code   1230  Akaki beseka, Addis Ababa

facebook       kalex mat

Telegram      +251910969332

Viber              +251910969332

Imo                 + 251910969332

Architectural Design, 3D Rendering And photoshop Post Production (Architect Kaleab Matiwos)

The design is public city park so we designed it as a group when we were 4th year student. The aim of these project was to 1,eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful sensitive design and create sustainable public space 2,to promote environmentally healthy maintenance durability and longevity…

Architectural Design, 3D Rendering And photoshop Post Production (Architect Kaleab Matiwos)

This is a fuel station/gas station design. The site is located in dire dawa, The main purpose/aim of this gas station design is to design a gas station that is cost efficient According to material selection and type of technology used.

Architectural Design, 3D Rendering And photoshop Post Production (Architect Kaleab Matiwos)

This is a hotel design with the concept of creating Royalty and feel high class for every also used mainly the color gold because of its color psychology it is suitable for the desired design requirement or need.