Architects office management

  • The architect’s office is a place where records are prepared, handled, and preserved for future reference.
  • It is the administrative center for efficient management of the organization.
  • For achieving the project goals, management involves the functions of:






─cost reductions and

─public relations apart from.

Research Process

what is the difference between Research process & Design development process (in Architecture)

Research process

  • The research process contains the following main elements.
  1. Background Read more
  2. Problem statement, research questions & objectives Read more
  3. Scope and limitations Read More
  4. Reviewing literature Read More
  5. Research methodology Read More
  6. Data collections (generation) ,presentation and analysis Read More
  7. Result and discussions Read More
  8. Key findings & conclusions of the research Read More
Key findings & conclusions

How to write Key findings & conclusions in Research

Key findings: A brief summery of result and discussion 

  • Key findings is the principal outcomes of a research or what the research:


─revealed or


  • This usually refers to the totality of outcomes, rather than the conclusions or recommendations drawn from them

Conclusion: Like an introduction, restate the thesis and forward the summary of main points of the key findings with evidence for the reader.

  • How to write a conclusion for your research paper

─Restate your research topic

─Summarize the main points

─State the significance or results

─Conclude your thoughts

─Indicate opportunities for future research