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The Architect Duties & Responsibilities

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The architect…

  • Exceptionally powerful position for balancing the competing interests of the builders, engineers, and the “customer,” i.e. the building’s owner
  • The ultimate decision-maker on a project by coordinating:
  1. owner’s aesthetic and functional requirements
  2. Engineers’ practicality and design criteria
  3. the builders/contractors, as well as the municipal governments &
  4. time to deliver within the allotted budget

Architects must be able to do the following tasks:

  1. From early idea through design development, lead and develop projects.
  2. Create construction drawings, specs, and paperwork.
  3. Commercial and industrial construction projects must be designed and documented.
  4. Consult with clients to ascertain their needs.
  5. Coordination of preliminary architectural studies for large new projects, changes to existing structures, and site development
  6. Organize and maintain permit paperwork
  7. Collaborate with teams across business divisions and in remote locations, as well as with subcontractors.
  8. Solve complicated design problems with creative and effective solutions.
  9. Modify current designs and elevations to meet the demands of the client and sales


The architect

  1. Who provides society with specialized, expert, and personal services.
  2. entails the design of buildings as well as the development of solutions to complex human space challenges connected to socioeconomic and environmental environments.
  3. Control the development of construction projects.
  4. Coordinates with other experts such as designers, engineers, and surveyors, and is accountable to clients for the services they provide.
  5. As a response (profit) to the service supplied, obtain a valid fee/charge in the end.