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Business Models for Architectural Firms

  1. Efficiency Based

  • Design and manufacturing processes that are efficient and streamlined
  1. Efficiency-driven businesses frequently undertake less difficult tasks.
  2. Take on initiatives that are comparable to ones they have already done.
  3. Services with a limited range of services or a typical scope of work that is repetitive
  4. Reuse details, notes, and other documentation to make the most use of your time while producing high-quality publications.
  • Using new technology or techniques to improve on regular project delivery.
  1. BIM, virtual reality representations, and digital scanning
  2. encouraging clients to choose a certain design as soon as possible
  3. explore for innovative methods or instruments to deliver job and boost revenues
  •  Utilization of new graduates or junior architects to reduce labor expenses while also offering employment and work experience
  •  Remote working or outsourcing are options for cutting expenses and expanding projects.
  • A business approach that makes it simpler for new enterprises to enter the market with a smaller portfolio or reputation.
  • Younger architects may be more skilled than senior professionals.


2. Experience Based

  • The most prevalent approach, which aims to supply clients with design services and address unique and difficult challenges.
  • Concentrated on certain markets (higher education projects, community centers, and performing arts centers).
    – provide tailored solutions based on the client’s individual demands, taking into account the site context and budget, as well as the technical requirements of the building’s program
  • To effectively deliver substantial, complex, and technically hard projects, a good reputation is required.
  • They used their previous ties and portfolio to get new jobs.
  • The main challenge is convincing customers that
  1. the partners have an established track record,
  2. the design staff is capable of solving complex design difficulties, and
  3. big projects are delivered on time and on budget.
  • This can be difficult at first, but after a few attempts, it could grow quickly

3. Expertise Based

  • Based on a high level of expertise in a given project type or area, or remarkable design ability.
  • Built a reputation for award-winning design talents or the ability to work on technically difficult projects. For example, you may specialize in
  1. acoustically difficult performing arts structures or
  2. Technically demanding research scientific laboratories, as well as code consultants
  3. experimenting with and mastering new technology
  • Frank Gehry’s firm works on difficult cultural projects that require a high level of skill to complete.
  • Other companies may publish research on a specific issue or be a consultant who is up to date on the newest building system advancements.
  • Higher fees or hourly rates are demanded by the financial model with in-demand experts in the sector.