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የኢትዮጵያ አዲሱ የብር ኖት እና በእኔ ላይ ያሳደረብኝ ጫና….

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graphics design by kaleab

የኢትዮጲያ መንግስት አዲስ የብር ኖቶችን ለህትመት ለማብቃትና ለገበያ ለማዋል ዝግጅቷን ጨርሳ እንዳጠናቀቀችና ለ 2013 ወደ ብሄራዊ ባንክ ገቢ እንደሚደረግ ተገልጿል ታዲያ እኔ ምንድነው የተጎዳውት?…ምንስ ነው ያጣውት?…ነገሩ ምንድነው ከዚ ቀደም የአስር ብሩን ገንዘብ በመጠቀም ኢሉስትሬሽን ወይም ግራፊክስ ዲዛይን ሰርቼ ነበር። እርግጥ አንድ ሁለት አመት ሊያልፈው ይችላል እና በ አስር ብሩ ውስጥ የምትታየው ልጅ በወቅቱ ደስ ብሏት ነበር። አሁን ግን ከሷ በላይ ያዘነብኝ እና የተናደደብኝ ሰው ያለ አይመስለኝም… ጥያቄዋ እንደገባኝ ከሆነ 1,የኢትዮጲያ ብር ሊቀየር እንደሆነ እንዴት አታውቅም? እና ከቻልክ መልሰህ ስራልኝ! …ቆይ ግን እዚጋ….እኔ እንዴት ይሄን ልገምት እችል ነበር ? የአሁኑ አስር ብር ወደፊት ይቀየራል የሚል ምንም ግምቱ አልነበረኝም በርግጥ እንደ አንድ ዲዛይነር እነዚህን ነገሮች ማሰብ እና መገመት ነበረብኝ ቢሆንም ይሄ የአንድ ድርጅት ሎጎ ወይንም ደግሞ መለያ ምልክት አይደለም፣ እንደውም የድሮው ብር ላይ አርት ተሰርቶበት ለማስታወሻነት ቢቀመጥ ጥሩ ይመስለኛል እንግዲ በዚህ የብር ኖት መቀየር አነስተኛም ቢሆን የመጀመሪያው ጥቃት የደረሰበት ምስኪን  የኢትዮጵያ ዜጋ ለመሆን በቅቻለው…ሃሃሃ



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photo manipulation Dire Dawa, ethiopia

by Architect and graphics designer Kaleab Matiwos


Dire Dawa is city in Harar region, Ethiopia. It is a commercial and industrial center located on the Addis Ababa–Djibouti railroad. Manufactures include processed meat, vegetable oil, textiles, and cement. There are also railroad workshops in the city. Dire Dawa was founded in 1902 when the railroad from Djibouti reached the area, and its growth has resulted largely from trade brought by the railroad.

in the above illustrated picture that express dire in one photo which is designed by Designer Kaleab Matiwos. As Dire Dawa has a rich wealth of pre-historic cave paintings some of which have achieved international recognition through the efforts of the French and American Geologists that have studied them several times in the last 75 years, while there are still other caves that have never been studied so far, those cave paints are inluded in the illustrated picture above in a futuristic way.

In the middle of the illustration Designer Kaleab included camels, peoples with different life style and culture also kefira market. Kefira is a traditional market place where one can see the colorful presentation of all people of the region in their cultural dresses. The presence of camels, donkeys, and the inevitable Gharris, two wheeled carts drown by a horse or a mule, gives it an aura of going back to medieval times.

source : – http://www.selamta.net/

Caricature Transformation

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Caricature Transformation

long face transformation from normal blurred image reference ( the reference pic is attached to the right lower corner of the picture in small rectangle shape) to this amazing and funny body structure. its all done by photoshop it took almost a hour to complete. also if you want any of your photos to be changed to any of funny arts just contact us and leave a comment bellow.

Who is Kaleab Matiwos?

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Very Short Bio…


kaleab matiwos is a motivated architect, graphics designer & event manager who is currently working in dire dawa university.

Kaleab has received many awards for his success from well-established companies such as Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation EBC, Dire Dawa University DDU, British Council Ethiopia, Dire Dawa development association & others to name a few. Kaleab is known by participating on different voluntary activities.

After spending more than 10 years in graphics designing, kaleab understands what drives Art & how to spread the sector of Art, specially the image sector awareness.

Now kaleab is able to design & produce professional high quality graphics designs such as : Brochures & magazines, signage, packaging, illustration, branding, logos, identity designs, marketing collateral, iconography, web design, banner adds, reports and presentations, social media graphics, info graphics, character design etc…



Personal Profile


Name         – Kaleab matiwos

profession – architect, graphic designer, advertiser and event manager/organizer.

Higher Education

Dire Dawa University – Bachelor Degree in Architecture

British council Ethiopia – Certificate in Event Management

Family Language School-Certificate in English Communication Skill

Dire Dawa University – French Language Training Course


Podia Consulting Engineers and Architects, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Tollen Consulting Engineers and Architects, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Competitions and Achievements

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) Logo design Competition – 1st Prize Winner

Lapasion Fast Food S.O.L. Addis Ababa logo design Competition – Winner

Bachelor Degree in Architecture From Dire dawa university

Certificate in Event Organizing and Management from British  council, creative futures program

Modern/Contemporary Lighting Fixture Design Competition – Winner

Dire Dawa development association logo design competition – 1st prize winner

professional Skills /software’s 

Photoshop  95%                        AutoCAD   74%                  After effect    75%        Revit   70%                                 Sketchup    60%

Illustrator   65%                        Lumion     85%                   Archicad        85%      MS Office    85%

professional Skills /Expertise 

.Graphic design           .Landscape design         .Problem solving         .Hard Working     .Event/Program Organizing      .Trust worthy

personal contact information

Location      Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

e-mail          kaleab.matiwos.71@gmail.com

phone no.   +251910969332  or   +251949843400

WhatsApp   +251910969332

p.o box          579

postal code   1230  Akaki beseka, Addis Ababa

facebook       kalex mat

Telegram      +251910969332

Viber              +251910969332

Imo                 + 251910969332