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Generative Urbanism (New Approach Towards Urban Design)

In the past two decades, architects and urban planners have been searching for a new approach towards urban design. The “modernist” approach created “car-based cities” with common issues: sprawl, isolated suburbs, and depressed urban cores. Most urban centers, especially developing and “mid-size” cities, are struggling with these issues, which are affecting their productivity and efficiency.
Generative Urbanism is a proposal towards the social and spatial improvement of the “Mid-size City”. It takes advantage of the attributes of the existing city and mitigating its deficiencies. The project is based in Ottawa, Canada, a capital city with a difficult history of urban planning. Ottawa is a “car-based” city, facing complex issues of commuting, mass transportation, and over-whelming urban growth. The resulting architecture project [“Palace of the body”] develops strategies that connect the urban center with its surroundings, creates spaces for inter-action, and improves existing and future infra-structure and mass transportation systems.
Generative Urbanism reimagines the “mid-size city” as a set of new and existing networks that work to generate a livable, functioning urban entity by linking new social programs to the provision of large-scale infrastructure




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