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URBAN LANDSAPE | Design Summary


This project was to reconfigure Slussen by observing the historical transformations of the context which represents the typology. The transformation in this context is an extension or relocation of the substance of Slussen, which is evident by observing the continuous elements in the historical photos. Slussen is a threshold mediating the information of the history and culture of the site should be embodying a newness as a projection of the modern world. This is how I began to re-think Slussen, to transform it into a new form that carries the information of the site.

Urban Landscape

Each image showing the transformation of Slussen is the reflection and projection of the cultural and social values that structured each period.
The design consists of three distinct volumes that hold the purpose of welcoming and dispersing diverse populations. Each piece incorporates existing programs and amplifies the uses for a cohesive transition from the existing to the new. This becomes a place that speaks to locals and visitors alike.




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