photo manipulation Dire Dawa, ethiopia

by Architect and graphics designer Kaleab Matiwos


Dire Dawa is city in Harar region, Ethiopia. It is a commercial and industrial center located on the Addis Ababa–Djibouti railroad. Manufactures include processed meat, vegetable oil, textiles, and cement. There are also railroad workshops in the city. Dire Dawa was founded in 1902 when the railroad from Djibouti reached the area, and its growth has resulted largely from trade brought by the railroad.

in the above illustrated picture that express dire in one photo which is designed by Designer Kaleab Matiwos. As Dire Dawa has a rich wealth of pre-historic cave paintings some of which have achieved international recognition through the efforts of the French and American Geologists that have studied them several times in the last 75 years, while there are still other caves that have never been studied so far, those cave paints are inluded in the illustrated picture above in a futuristic way.

In the middle of the illustration Designer Kaleab included camels, peoples with different life style and culture also kefira market. Kefira is a traditional market place where one can see the colorful presentation of all people of the region in their cultural dresses. The presence of camels, donkeys, and the inevitable Gharris, two wheeled carts drown by a horse or a mule, gives it an aura of going back to medieval times.

source : – http://www.selamta.net/

Caricature Transformation

Caricature Transformation

long face transformation from normal blurred image reference ( the reference pic is attached to the right lower corner of the picture in small rectangle shape) to this amazing and funny body structure. its all done by photoshop it took almost a hour to complete. also if you want any of your photos to be changed to any of funny arts just contact us and leave a comment bellow.

Caricature Transformation

Architect kaleab matiwos.

designer – kaleab matiwos

caricature arts are very funny and attractive specially when peoples saw their own image/photo transformed in to such caricature…in our country such art works are not practiced that much. but in western countries, they used in magazines, in Galleries, in adverts, in schools and many other places. if we can adopt this kind of art by mixing with our culture, we hope that we can create a positive influence to our society.


Ethiopia is on the way of development and unity. this art work is made by inspiration of current situation of Ethiopia and prime minister doctor Abiy Ahmed’s unique word of “መደመር” . in these art piece we can observe unity, cultural integrity, collaboration and diversity all in one creative art.This art work is suitable to placed or showcased at different focal points of the room and it is compatible for different programs, events, meetings and panel discussions focused on different issues in Ethiopia.even if the price of this art work is not fixed we provided up to 30% commission. for more information +251910969332           kaleab.matiwos.71@gmail.com

Exercise Book Interior and Exterior Cover Page Design (Architect Kaleab Matiwos)

These are some of my cover page designs collections That I submit for paper converting factories to print and fabricate for 2010 E.c Academic year. All Designs are full color design, contemporary and they have global meaning, And also the design work concentrates on both children’s and grownup students.