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Inauguration speech 2020 coming soon (hopefully) || President Joe Biden slapping Trump Artwork.

Inauguration speech 2020 of President Joe Baiden will coming soon (hopefully) || President Joe Biden slapping Trump Artwork. @Joe Biden

I do not know why some peoples loves Donald J. Trump because he is not a good leader, but i can’t deny that he is a good business man. so both things are very different, that is why Trump is not Good at Being President! of United States of America.

if Joe Biden wins It will be a great Opportunity for the people of America because The President and the Vice President can make a big difference. anyways I’ve made this Video for Educational Purpose. I know it is not perfect, even it is not near to good. but for sure it will give ideas for any interested designer who wanna work on similar projects.

The following are some of my Predictions on what will happens to the future of this country (United States of America) only if Joe Biden Wins on the election, if he didn’t win the election, there must be some-kind of cheating. anyways checkout my predictions….

The president of the United States will speak outside the Capitol building on Inauguration Day. During his inaugural, i guess he will address, American peoples celebration, He will mention the themes that were helped him throughout his campaign including Barak Obama, Michele Obama, and Kamala Harris. may be he will promise to eradicate Covid 19 from the country and give the vaccine to the people of united states of America at cheap and affordable price.

and this event will stream throughout well known TV Channels/biggest broadcasting channels including @CBS News, @ABC News, @Washington Post, @Guardian News, @NBC News, @The New York Times, @VOA News, @PBS NewsHour, @CNN and @BBC @Joe Biden

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