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Most beautiful streets in the world

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You might be wondering why my favorite street isn’t on this list. And how did they determine which streets were the “Most Eye-Catching in the World?”
the procedure is
First, we compiled a list of the top 50 streets on the planet. Then, a sample of 40 participants was shown a set of images of these streets.
We then recorded the number of times each participant looked at each image as well as the duration of their gaze using eye-tracking software.
Finally, the average amount of time spent fixated on the images was used to rank each street in terms of “attractiveness.”

1. Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Path

This is a stone path lined with cherry trees that connects Kyoto’s Ginkaku-Ji and Nanzen-Ji temples. It is named after two 20th-century Japanese philosophers at Kyoto University, Hajime Tanabe and Nishida Kitaro, who are said to have used this route for daily exercise.

2. Rocamadour, France, Rue Principale

This picturesque street is located in the Dordogne region of France. Rocamadour is a town that attracts many artists and pilgrims due to its cliff location, numerous monuments, and sanctuaries. Every year, over a million people visit the Rue Principal.

3. Via Baldassarre Galluppi, Burano, Italy

This vibrant street on the Venetian island of Burano is lined with restaurants and shops.

4. Pretoria, South Africa, Herbert Baker Street

Between September and November, this street is surrounded by hundreds of white and purple Jacaranda trees, making it an ideal location for a selfie.

5. Lombard Street, San Francisco, California, USA

Lombard Street, which runs between Russian Hill and Hyde Street, has an eight-turn stretch that earns it the title of the most sinuous street in the United States. The concept of making it so curvy dates back to 1922, when Carl Henry wanted to reduce the street’s 27 percent slope and allow 1920s cars to traverse it.

6. Circus Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s one of the most picturesque and photogenic spots in Edinburgh. It is distinguished by cobblestone houses with colored doors and dozens of flowers and plants.

7. Bath Circus, England

This street is distinguished by a ring with three equal-length entrances and a garden in the center. It’s a beautiful street worth seeing and photographing.

8. kezira from Diredawa, Ethiopia

This street in the country’s east is popular with tourists who come to photograph the scenery. The street has been used in several films and TV commercials because it provides one of the most romantic views in Ethiopia.

9. Lijnbaansgracht , Amsterdam, Netherlands

This narrow street runs alongside the canal and is surrounded by iconic Amsterdam buildings. It gets its name from the ropeways (“lijnbanen”) of the rope-makers who lived in this area of the old city center.

10. Singapore’s Orchard Road

This street is a shopping and lighting enthusiast’s dream. There are discount and department stores, as well as exclusive boutiques and luxury hotels.

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