Research Process

what is the difference between Research process & Design development process (in Architecture)

Research process

  • The research process contains the following main elements.
  1. Background Read more
  2. Problem statement, research questions & objectives Read more
  3. Scope and limitations Read More
  4. Reviewing literature Read More
  5. Research methodology Read More
  6. Data collections (generation) ,presentation and analysis Read More
  7. Result and discussions Read More
  8. Key findings & conclusions of the research Read More

Design development process

  • The design Development process contains the following main elements.
  1. Design idea generations
  2. Conceptualization & visioning
  3. Contextualization with the urban fabric
  4. The spatial and formal design development process
  5. Structural and construction system consideration
  6. Environment & sustainability considerations
  7. Technology & utilities
  8. 3D and 2D design presentation


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